Day Five

Today is April 22, 2017.

Sorry I skipped yesterday. I really was feeling in the dumps. I didn’t even end up eating much. I had the rest of my soup from the day before and I also had 2 fish sticks. I just didn’t feel like eating much. 


I had the almost the same breakfast as a couple days ago. A piece of bread, a tsp of margarine, a slice of cheese. I also had one probiotic yogurt. Nothing special. 

Total calories is 270. 


For lunch I had one cup of quinoa/rice mix, one cup of green/yellow beans and I had one fresh egg from a farm. I thought I’d try the eggs out. I fried it in 2 tsp of olive oil. 

Total calories is 540. 


For dinner we got surprised by my boyfriends mom to go to a&w and she would pay. I just got a blt chubby chicken burger cause it had a whole wheat bun and a small amount of veggies at least lol. 

Total calories is 630. 


Nothing to report. 

Mental/Spiritual Health 

Today I feel not happy but not like I was yesterday at least. I think getting over things takes some time. I just need to be gentle with myself I guess. 


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