My Diet

I used to have a set diet, I’ve tried the Paleo diet, vegan/vegetarian diet, weight watchers diet, etc. But the thing is, is that I couldnt keep up with these diets as strict as they were. Some days I’d want to eat meat so that would out the Vegan/Vegetarian diet and other days I just wanted to eat beans and grains so that outed the Paleo diet. And of course the weight watchers diet did help me lose weight long ago but it was never very focused on nutrition or healing. 

So what am I doing now? 

Well, I’m doing the “listen to your body” Diet. Over the past couple of years I have changed a lot as a person. I’ve gained my own intuition about myself and the world around me and I find the best path to healing is to just listen to your body. You want to eat meat? Eat it. You want some brown rice and beans? Eat it. It’s about listening to your own bodies needs above anything. People forget about this mind/body connection and that your body will tell you what it needs if you just listen. 

I find that this route will be the best path to healing myself. Not only will it help me physically but also emotionally. I intially decided years ago that this blog would be just about my physical health but I decided I needed a whole mind/body/spirit healing. So if that’s not your thing, I understand but I will be incorporating more of those things as well. I hope that people will enjoy my raw, authentic blogs