The Beginning

So today is April 17, 2017. It’s been two years since I last wrote a blog and man, has everything changed. I am 22 years old now and unfortunately have been diagnosed with Lupus one year ago, on top of everything else. I also packed on an extra 20 pounds in the past 2 years as well. I went through such a hard time these past few years. I was suicidal, lost, confused and very scared. Only in the past 6 months has things slowly improved instead of got worse. 

I had a lot of health issues these past 2 years, both physical and mental. I decided that in revamping this blog, I would include more than just my physical health but also my mental and even my spiritual health as well. Over these past few years I went through what one would call a “spiritual awakening.” Now, I’ve always been on this sort of path but it wasn’t until my world collasped around me that I truly began to change. 

I know now the importance of the balance of the mind/body/spirit. You cannot have health in one area if the other areas are sick. So in addition to diet/health blogs I will also be posting blogs on my mental health/emotions as well as my adventures in spirituality

I’m not looking to hide any aspect of who I am and I hope through my blogs, everyone can connect in some way to them. I am hoping to give people a voice through my words and to help people along the way through my own experiences and struggles.